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220.000 VND

Ultrabook ™ với bộ xử lý Intel ® Centrino ® Wireless-N 2230  với Bluetooth 4.0 kết hợp bộ chuyển đổi tốc độ nhanh (lên đến 300 Mbps 1 ), phạm vi lớn và độ tin cậy cao hơn, cung cấp một trải nghiệm kết nối tốt hơn.  

Better performance

802.11bgn, 2x2, dual stream delivers up to 300 Mbps speed and greater range and reliability. Energy efficient 2 for greater mobility and convenience.

Bluetooth 4.0* low energy

Enables dual-mode connectivity to Bluetooth devices and applications.

Intel® Wireless Display 3

Get a front row seat to all your personal and online favorites on the big screen with a simple wireless connection.

Intel® Smart Connect Technology4

Automatically updates important content even while your Ultrabook™ is asleep or for quicker Internet access on resume.

Intel® Wi-Fi HotSpot Assistant5 Experience the power of instant connectivity to millions of free and paid Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide with Intel® Wi-Fi HotSpot Assistant–exclusively available only on Intel® wireless products. Auto-connect to available Wi-Fi hotspots as you roam—no more annoying manual login process at each hotspot. With Intel® Smart Connect Technology, even your favorite cloud content (email, social networks, news, etc.) is automatically refreshed as your Ultrabook™ sleeps.

Intel® My WiFi Dashboard 6

Share seamlessly and directly with other wireless devices. Chat, transfer files, or create a personal hotspot over Wi-Fi Direct* without WLAN or hotspot access.